Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog?

Most of our cottages welcome one dog, some can accommodate two and a couple can accommodate three. Find out more on our Dogs are Welcome webpage.

However whilst we very much welcome well behaved pets to our lovely cottages, they wouldn’t stay lovely for very long unless we imposed a few ‘house rules’ for them, this way we can ensure that all guests – with or without a dog – can enjoy their stay without having their holiday marred by problems left by a previous dogs’ stay.

So, here are our house rules for dogs:

Dogs must be at least 1 year old to stay in our cottages and be fully house-trained.

Dogs are not permitted in the bedrooms, specifically NOT permitted on the beds under any circumstances, nor are they permitted on any other furniture.  If they sleep on the bed with you at home or you let them on the sofa and expect to do the same on holiday then regretably our cottages aren’t right for you.  We’ll charge for extra cleaning if a dog is found to have been on any of our furniture. Using a blanket is not acceptable as it provides no protection against the dog aroma or hairs transferring to the soft furnishings.

Dogs are not permitted to be left unattended in our cottages without the consent of the owner of the cottage and it’s confirmed in writing via email or text.  If your dog is crated, permission is more likely to be granted if the cottage is detached with no near neighbours.

Dogs must be clean before entry to our cottages, especially if wet or muddy. Many (but not all) of our cottages provide a dog towel and either a hosepipe or bucket to help you keep them clean, but please don’t rely on these being available, remember to bring your own dog towel please.

Dogs are not permitted to cause any nuisance to neighbouring properties. If found to be barking excessively or let off lead and not under your complete control, you may be asked to leave if you are unable to control them.

If any damage or staining occurs inside or outside of the property, you will be charged directly by the owner of the cottage for whatever costs are incurred by them to restore the cottage to the clean and undamaged condition it was in when you arrived.

If your dog is moulting or leaves lots of dirty paw marks on the floors, this should be cleaned up before your departure. Extra cleaning costs will be passed on to you by the owner.

I have a dog, is there a charge?

Yes, we charge £20 per holiday for each dog at most of our cottages.

We have strict booking conditions relating to the acceptance of dogs to our cottages however.  Our contractual arrangements mean you must adhere to our conditions of booking.  If any excessive cleaning is required or damaged sustained to any part of the property or contents, the expense incurred to reinstate the cottage to the same clean undamaged state it was when you arrived will be passed on to you directly from the owner of the property for settlement.

We provide a little treat for your dog on arrival, some poop bags, a towel to use and a bowl full of water.  At certain cottages we can also provide dog beds upon request for a rental charge of £10 per holiday and can also provide a dog-sitting service if required, as dogs are not permitted to be left in the cottage unattended at any time. View our Dogs are Welcome page for more details.

If you change your mind and decide not, or are not able to bring your dog, if you notify us before your holiday is paid in full, we can remove the charge from your balance. If you have paid in full we are regretably not able to provide a refund.