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Dogs are Welcome!

Luxury Dog Friendly Cottages in Northumberland

We believe the family dog is just that – a member of the family, and deserves a holiday too, so why not take them on holiday with you?  We believe that if you have a well-behaved dog and want them to join in the family holiday, you shouldn’t compromise on quality with your choice of holiday cottage. Dogs are welcome in over 70% of our cottages!

The vast majority of luxury self catering properties in the UK don’t accept dogs – but we do.  All our cottages are graded luxury 4 or 5 Star and many have prestigious GOLD Awards for excellence too.  New cottages which join us are awaiting grading but already meet this standard.

Luxury wouldn’t stay luxury for very long if we didn’t have at least some house rules for pets however, so we don’t allow them on the furniture and certainly not on the beds, and we don’t allow them to be left unattended in the property.

We offer a dog-sitting service at most of our cottages so you can go out for dinner or spend a few hours exploring places where dogs aren’t permitted – please enquire and we can confirm if we can help. There is an hourly charge which is variable depending upon where you are staying in Northumberland, please ask us for more details.

We do recognise however, that many of our guests don’t have pets and they don’t want to know that a pet may have stayed at the cottage before them. For this reason, alongside our house rules for pets, our cleaning standards are incredibly high, so you shouldn’t be able to tell a dog has stayed before you.

There is a small charge of £20 for each dog per week or short break. Most of our cottages accept 1 dog, some 2 and some 3 by arrangement.  You can refine your search for a cottage by ‘Pet Friendly’ and it’s clearly indicated on the cottage details how many pets can be accommodated.

What we Provide

Complimentary dog treats

Water and food bowls

Doggy disposal bags  – complimentary initial supply provided.

Buckets and dog towels for wiping them down before entry to the cottage.

Hosepipes and outside taps available at most cottages.

Emergency dog leads at some cottages.

Storage space for pet crates is available at most cottages, please check with us if it’s not clear on the cottage details page.

Stair gates – (upon request) to restrict access to bedrooms as pets are not permitted in bedrooms.

Dog beds – plastic style dogs beds are available upon request free of charge at some cottages and luxury cushion style beds are available for a small charge at some others – please enquire or see the booking form for your chosen cottage for what may be available at your chosen cottage.

Dog Sitting – available at many cottages – please contact us to check and arrange and see more information below.


We offer Dog-Sitting too!

We don’t permit dogs to be left unattended in our cottages but we do offer a personal dog-sitting service where your dog can be looked after in the cottage for anything from a few hours to all day – however long you need to visit those places where they can’t go, such as stately homes and castles, or perhaps to dine out at a local restaurant.

Our dog sitters are usually our staff and have a life-time experience of caring for dogs.  A couple of our sitters have many years’ experience of giant breeds, as well as large, medium and small dogs! We can walk dogs if you would like although we have a strict policy of not letting them off the lead and we will not walk them close to other dogs.

Please click here for to visit our page all about dog sitting, which includes the rates for sitting too.

Whilst this is a very popular option and we can usually accommodate requests with as little as 24 hours notice, but we would appreciate as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment, and respectfully ask that any cancellations are made a minimum of 24 hours before.

Dogs and our Beautiful Beaches

Northumberland is one of the few counties in the UK to have few restrictions on dogs accessing the beaches. The belief is that our beaches are so vast here that there is room for everyone.  The only beach with a summertime restriction is at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, which is at the furthest south of our Heritage coastline and less likely to be one you would visit.

Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages love nothing better than a romp on a wide sandy beach, clambering up the dunes and leaping into the waves whilst not letting go of that essential piece of driftwood they’ve found!



Take a look at our page detailing just a few of our great Northumberland beaches.  Many of our cottages are within walking distance of a great beach, including Warkworth, Amble, Alnmouth, Bamburgh, Beadnell, Craster, Lesbury, Foxton and Seahouses. The other locations are within an easy drive.

Most of our cottages have fires (mostly wood-burning stoves) for dogs to stretch out and snooze in front of after all that exertion!  As detailed above, we provide dog towels and even luxury dog beds upon request to ensure their comfort on holiday.

Whilst enjoying the beautiful countryside, please be responsible whilst out with your dog, specifically you must follow the Countryside Code.  The main points in the code include keeping dogs on a lead within the vicinity of livestock, not allowing them to chase migrating birds or approaching seals on the seashore and picking up after them – whether on the beach or in the countryside.


Gardens, Grounds and Outdoor Spaces

Some of cottages have open garden areas – sometimes shared with other properties – where your dog will need to remain on a lead, a few don’t have any outside space, such as some apartments.  It will be clearly stated in the cottage description what there will be at the property.

However, please note that where there is an ‘enclosed’ patio or garden advertised, this does not necessarily mean ‘secure’.  If your dog is likely to jump over walls or fences or sneak under hedges or gates then the outside space not be suitable for them.  Neither us or the owners of the property can offer any guarantees in this respect.  We know all our properties intimately, so please call us to discuss if this is important to you and we can advise on the most suitable property for your needs.

Historic Properties and Parks

Dogs on leads are allowed into the grounds at many English Heritage properties.  They are also permitted to visit the grounds (except the Formal Garden) at Cragside and the grounds and Walled Garden at Wallington Hall (both National Trust) but only on leads.  There is a 1.5 mile walk along the coast from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle, where dogs are allowed on leads.  Please note that livestock is often present along the route so dogs should not be allowed to roam off the lead here.  Dogs are not permitted in Alnwick Garden or Castle.


Dine out with your Dog in our Dog-friendly Pubs and Cafes

Most pubs in Northumberland welcome dogs to their bar areas and many have water bowls outside so they can have a ‘pint’ too!

A useful website Doggie Pubs lists many dog friendly pubs in Northumberland and provides a little review of some of them, where the author has clearly visited in person.

This website also lists dog-friendly cafes too – of which there are many in Northumberland, including Bertram’s in Warkworth, the Drift Cafe at Cresswell and the Shoreline Cafe in Craster.

On their Best Behaviour

We very much welcome your pet in our pet-friendly cottages, but it’s under the strict understanding that you adhere to our booking conditions relating to the acceptance of pets to our properties.

Our properties are beautifully furnished at great expense and are presented in an immaculately clean condition for you and we wish to keep them that way – otherwise they wouldn’t be ‘luxury’ cottages for very long!

Our high cleaning standards ensure that guests without dogs can confidently stay in our cottages without detecting doggie smells and doggie hairs.  However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our ‘house rules’ weren’t respected, so we appreciate your co-operation and respect for others staying after you.

  • Pets are not permitted on any furniture, specifically sofas and beds – even with covers applied
  • Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms of our cottages
  • Pets are not permitted to be left in the cottage or grounds unattended (dog sitting service available at most cottages)
  • The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
  • Pets must be clean before entry to the cottage, particularly after wet or muddy walks
  • Your pet must not be permitted to cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties
  • Your pet must be at least one year old at the time of your holiday

Important Note!

As we’ve said, we have strict house rules for dogs and other pets, so if you are bringing your pet, before you book a holiday with us please read our booking conditions and our ‘House Rules for Pets’ (as above). Your booking is accepted on the basis that you have agreed to comply with our conditions.

If we find they have been where they shouldn’t – ie. the bedrooms or on any furniture – or caused any kind of damage whatsoever or caused us extra cleaning costs, then we will charge you for the extra cleaning costs and reinstating the house and its contents to the condition they were before you arrived.

We’re sorry if this sounds harsh, but we’ve had to become stricter after disrespectful guests have abused our hospitality and let their dogs have free reign over the furniture with no regard for the cleaning and replacement costs incurred after they have left and the limited time we have available to sort these problems out between them departing and new guests arriving.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cottages and furnishings and have very high cleaning standards so that guests with or without dogs are not aware that one may have stayed in the property previously.

Health and Safety with your Dog

When holidaying with your dog in Northumberland please remember to observe the countryside code and keep your dog on a lead when near livestock and nesting birds (often in dune areas). This is particularly important during the lambing season.

Care should be taken near estuaries as there are strong currents and some rivers have hidden, steeply shelving banks which can make it impossible for a dog to get back out of the water.

Please be aware that adders can be found in the national park. They may be seen on warm days, particularly during the spring, when they are coming out of hibernation. If your dog is bitten by an adder contact one of the vets’ surgeries listed here.

When you come to Northumberland on holiday, we recommend you print out our list of vets’ surgeries to keep in your car, so you have the contact details of the nearest vet if you need it wherever you are in Northumberland.

Don’t Like Dogs or Have an Allergy? Don’t Despair…

Although most of our cottages allow dogs our housekeeping standards are impeccable and we’re confident you’ll find no trace of any previous dog-guest in any of our cottages.  However, we recognise that for some that is simply not enough – either due to personal taste or because of a severe allergy.

Use the tick box filter when searching our cottages to select pet-free/allergy friendly cottages and you will see those that have never accepted dogs, so would be a good option if you really don’t like the idea of dogs having stayed in the property before you.

We find however, that for many allergy sufferers, if a dog has not stayed immediately prior to their stay – that there has been an interval of at least a week – then they are not affected, so this may be a consideration for you.  We have regular guests with allergies to dogs who tell us that this makes all the difference and allows them to stay in our cottages with no symptoms.  So please call us and we can advise if a dog is booked into your chosen cottage before you.

Whilst the upmost care has been taken to ensure all of our properties are cleaned to the highest standard, we cannot guarantee our pet-friendly properties will be suitable for all guests with allergies. For any guests with severe allergies, we would recommend our selection of pet-free properties instead.

Sample of our Dog Friendly Cottages


Castle Street Cottage in Warkworth

Sleeps: 5 2 Dogs

Short breaks from £476

Alnwick Area

Kirkstone Cottage near Alnwick

Sleeps: 6 2 Dogs

Short breaks from £371

Embleton and Newton by the Sea

Lost Lobster Cottage

Sleeps: 4 3 Dogs

Short breaks from £385

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